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Tiffany Hicks (She/Her)

Education Specialist/ Master of Education Program | San Diego Campus

Hometown: Suisun City, CA

My name is Tiffany Hicks and I’m on the brink of wrapping up my Master’s program, and let me tell you, the thrill of graduation is real! But guess what? I’m not hitting the brakes on Education anytime soon. Over the next decade, I’ve set my eyes on making waves in Special Education. My dream? To stand shoulder-to-shoulder with districts and parents, ensuring every child shines their brightest. Oh, and there’s a fun tidbit I’d love to share: I’m toying with the idea of writing a book. Exciting, right? A guiding star in my journey has been some golden advice from my beloved mom, who passed away in 2020. She always said, “Whatever you dive into, give it your all, be it running a country or serving coffee. Just be your best.” Words I cherish and live by every day. One thing I’ve picked up along the way? Challenges that look like mountains can often turn into molehills with a deep breath and a sprinkle of determination. If there’s one thing I’d like you to feel after our chat or after exploring my work, it’s this: genuine care can transform lives. You know how they say it takes a village to raise a child? It takes a fantastic cohort of students to clinch that degree. I am so grateful for all the amazing souls on this journey with me!

Fun Fact: I'm a proud mother of four wonderful sons, their ages spanning from their 20s to single digits. Additionally, I wear the cherished title of 'GiGi' as a grandma.

Research Interests: Special education. I am passionate about bridging the communication gaps between schools, parents, and the district. My ultimate goal is to ensure the student remains at the core of all decisions and experiences the best possible education.

Favorite part of the program: The discussion questions stand out to me most in my program. They've allowed me to engage deeply with my classmates and most instructors. This interaction has been invaluable, significantly enriching my learning experience and expanding my knowledge base.

Practicum/Internship site: My practicum takes place online, allowing me a flexible and accessible platform to gain practical experience.

Advice to first year students: The journey ahead may seem daunting to all newcomers. However, my advice is to take things one step at a time. Plan your tasks and avoid being too hard on yourself. Remember, you'll get everything done. Tackle each challenge daily, one task at a time, and constantly remind yourself - You got this!