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Swarada Pathak (She/Her)

Clinical Psychology PsyD | Fresno Campus

International Student

Hometown: Maharashtra, India
Languages: English, Hindi, and Marathi

My name is Swarada Pathak. I am a Graduate student at Alliant International University, Fresno. I am from India – the land of culture. I have a Masters’s in Clinical Psychology from Pune University, Pune, India. I also am a Graphologist – the study of handwriting. I am very empathetic and love to help.

Fun Fact: I am a certified classical dancer.

Research Interests: My research interest is understanding neurological disorders and their perception among South Asians.

Favorite part of the program: The people and their considerations.

Practicum/Internship site: I am currently in the child and family rotation at the PSC at Alliant University, Fresno.

Advice to first year students: As an international student, it is exciting to embrace this journey. My advice would be to enjoy every moment and take your chances.