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Renee Cornell (She/Her)

Single Subject Credential MAE | Virtual Campus

Hometown: Ithaca, NY to Sacramento, CA

My name is Renee Cornell, and I bring a mosaic of life experiences and a passion for education and community to my student ambassador role. A native of upstate New York, I journeyed across the country to immerse myself in the legal studies program at UC Davis in California. However, a calling for education reverberated strongly within me, leading me to pivot my career aspirations. I am currently pursuing my Master’s in Education at Alliant International University, harmoniously blending my academic pursuits with my role as a Student Ambassador. Beyond the classroom and academic environs, my interests are as diverse as they are enriching. I harbor a profound love for animals, particularly reptiles, and dedicate my time to rehabilitating sick and injured ones. This unique blend of compassion and care serves as an allegory for how I approach my responsibilities on campus, making me not just an academic mentor but also a champion for holistic well-being. My journey-from the corridors of a law school to the heart of educational advocacy-serves as an inspirational testament to the transformative power of embracing change. Through my eclectic blend of experiences, both personal and professional, I aim to cultivate an environment of inclusivity, engagement, and lifelong learning within our academic community.

Fun Fact: When I'm not busy balancing academics and role as a Student Ambassador, I become a 'Reptile Rescuer,' dedicating my time to rehabilitating sick and injured reptiles.

Research Interests: Identifying and implementing innovative strategies to boost student engagement.

Favorite part of the program: My favorite aspect of the program is its remarkable flexibility, allowing me to maintain full-time employment while pursuing my Master's degree. This adaptability has been a pivotal factor in making my educational journey manageable and enriching. Moreover, the program provides the unique opportunity to gain practical experience in the same field as my academic focus. This invaluable alignment enhances both my studies and my career prospects.

Practicum/Internship site: Sacramento, CA

Advice to first year students: Discover what ignites your passion and don't hesitate to pursue it, even in the face of societal or self-imposed pressures. Your time in higher education should be a journey of self-discovery, so let your passions guide you through both your academic and extracurricular endeavors.