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Gabriela DiGiovanni (She/Her)

Doctorate of Education | Virtual Campus

Hometown: San Diego, CA

My name is Gabriela DiGiovanni and I am an experienced educational leader with a demonstrated history of working in the education industry with students aged preschool through adult transition. I am skilled in the development, implementation and management of multi-tiered systems of support in all academic areas and inclusive of social, emotional and behavioral domains. I have demonstrated a strong ability to develop programs with the K-12 landscape and have provided ongoing professional development, coaching, and support to team members. I have been a dedicated behavioral/mental health service provider and developer of integrated systems of student supports. Most recently, I founded the district’s K-12 home-based, independent study, learning academy inclusive of virtual learning. I began my doctoral student journey in January of 2023.

Fun Fact: I learned about my love for canines right before the pandemic and it has brought much joy into my life.

Research Interests: Leadership, Educator Wellness, Mentorship, Executive Functioning in Youth, Independent and Virtual Learning.

Favorite part of the program: My favorite part of the program is the flexibility which allows me to continue to work as a leader and to continue to enjoy life with my family.

Advice to first year students: Read the syllabi thoroughly and establish a strong organizational system. Stay in touch with professors and begin to explore topics of interest early! You get to make this journey the most enjoyable and beneficial.