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Dominique Walker (She/Her)

Marriage & Family Therapy PsyD | Virtual Campus

Hometown: Long Beach, CA

My name is Dominique L. Walker. I am most grateful and blessed to serve the community in my role as a Marriage & Family Therapist. I am currently a second year PsyD student in Alliant International University’s Doctoral MFT program. I am passionate about helping individuals heal from past trauma and hurt, while strengthening relational and family dynamics within various cultural and ethnic populations. As an alumni of Alliant’s Master’s MFT program, I’ve had the opportunity to see the growth in Alliant’s program, through observations of the care and passion placed in curriculum, the assistance and support provided by professors, and the community and relationships created among peers. I am currently serving as a MFT at a private practice located throughout Southern California and working as a Teacher’s Assistant and Lab Instructor for Alliant’s Master students. My goal is to have my own private practice and community center, while serving as a professor at a university, to help aid other therapists in becoming culturally competent and culturally sensitive clinicians. I would also like to continue serving my community through free online Mindfulness-Based meetings for the BIPOC community, nationwide healing retreats, and facilitating seminars and lectures internationally. The goal is to create my own behavioral, cognitive, and emotion-based theory, that influences balance, expression, and self-love.

Fun Fact: I am an identical twin.

Research Interests: Twin Studies, Parent-Child Relationship.

Favorite part of the program: My favorite part of my program is the various courses offered throughout the term. As an MFT student, I feel my courses are relevant to what is occurring in society, and it typically aligns with something that is either occurring in my life or can help provide clarity or acknowledgement.

Advice to first year students: Connect and network with your peers. The group can provide support, advice, and feedback to you throughout your program, and ultimately provide encouragement that you are not alone in the program. Some even become lifelong friends!